Comfy, Minimal & Stylish

Our Bamboo Laptop Desk provides a portable and flat workspace in a way that corrects posture and prevents neck and back pain. More than ever before, you can enjoy working on the go or working from home!

Who we are.

We believe that Australians deserve quality and comfort when working from home, and well, from anywhere! 

We understand that currently there are more people working from home every day (something we all love) and we don’t want to be turning our rooms into an office.

Along with that, being worn out from using our laptop in the office or on a desk all day isn’t fun. We noticed an increase in neck pain, back pain, and just total discomfort. We needed to fix this.

“How can we create a solution to this?” we asked ourselves. That is where we designed the Bamboo Laptop Desk. An unbelievably comfortable, easily portable, and sustainable laptop desk. 

What we stand for.

We are an Australian company, with an Australian designed Bamboo Laptop Desk and we are here to empower all entrepreneurs wanting to live a better, easier, and simpler lifestyle instead of being tied to an office space. 

If you have any questions about the Bamboo Laptop Desk, or if you just wanted to say a friendly hello, just shoot us an email and we’d be delighted to assist you. 

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